A Personal Scrapbook96 photos
This densely planted garden is located in the Houston Heights district and is, for this homeowner with a passion for gardening, a work in progress and is ever changing. The style is park-like-wildlife-habitat and features no grass, many varieties of both shade and flowering trees, a water feature (reliable source of water is critical for the wildlife), many fragrant plants, perennials and annuals. A circular terrace constructed of dove grey field stone is the main terrace for entertaining. The entire garden lines up with the central axis of the house and main living areas for an incredible view from inside. Every window of the house affords lush, green views. Music is piped into the garden from the house audio system and can be enjoyed from all areas of the garden. The house was purchased by the homeowner in 1997 and immediately the garden transformation began. The Before (1997) and during photos of this cottage style bungalow are here for your review and enjoyment. These gardens are a great source of joy for the homeowner and has been published no less than a dozen times in various publications. To see which visit DMGE.com.